Peugeot Automobiles Australia has recently renewed its Peugeot Preferred Panel Repairer Program which demands a high standard of collision repairs to be performed by its exclusive network of panel repairers. At Spencer Panels, we are pleased to have been selected as one of very few Peugeot Preferred Panel Repairers in Victoria.

In order to be appointed as a Peugeot Preferred Panel Repairer, our premises and personnel have been audited to establish that we have the appropriate equipment and expertise and can demonstrate our ability to provide the highest standard of repairs to your Peugeot. Auditors have inspected our tools and facilities, training and repair procedures, as well as our customer service and our reputation in the industry. Panel repairers are only deemed to be approved by Peugeot after they have undergone this auditing and have either met or exceeded Peugeot set criterion.

So that we are able to restore accident damaged Peugeot vehicles back to their original build standard, we only use genuine Peugeot parts, which also means your new car warranty remains protected. We aim to more than satisfy both Peugeot and their customers with our expertise and customer service in delivering the highest standard of collision repairs and as Peugeot themselves say, “Nobody is better placed to make your Peugeot as good as new”.