Being a Volkswagen Approved Repairer means we have the equipment and expertise to correctly assess the damage and repair your vehicle to original manufacturer standards. After a strategic pre-selection process and before becoming a Volkswagen Approved Repairer, auditors from Volkswagen verify that stringent brand standards are met or exceeded in order to offer a distinctive brand experience. At Spencer Panels we are proud to say that we have more than lived up to these standards. As result, Spencer Panels provide and will continue to provide top quality repairs and finishing for Volkswagen vehicles as a panel beater in Melbourne.

Visiting a panel beater accredited as a Volkswagen Approved Repairer means that your car will be returned to its pre-accident condition, using only Volkswagen Genuine Parts® and following the exact repair methods designed by the manufacturer. This practice ensures that repairs performed keep the beauty, value, functionality, and safety of your vehicle.

With manufactureraccreditation from Volkswagen, we are provided with repair methods and technical support that only a Volkswagen Approved Repairer has access to so that both you and the manufacturer may remain confident in the standard of the repairs carried out on your vehicle.